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What can we help you find?

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General ReCODE Questions

The ReCODE Program was designed by Dr. Dale Bredesen to treat and prevent cognitive decline. The Program features the following:

  • The ReCODE Report
  • A free Cognitive Quotient (Cq) Assessment
  • A personalized supplement and nutrition plan
  • Access to trained coaches and nutritionists
  • Database to help find qualified physicians and specialists
  • BrainHQ brain exercises
  • Opportunities to connect on monthly town halls and community forums
  • Download the ReCODE Mobile App

If you’re interested in receiving a free cognitive assessment, take the Cognitive Quotient (or Cq) assessment, designed by Dr. Bredesen, on the Apollo Health website.

By enrolling in the ReCODE Program, you can gain access to thousands of ReCODE-certified practitioners, including physicians, health coaches, and nurse practitioners. Learn more here: https://www.apollohealthco.com/practitioner-locator/

Many of our customers come to us after taking the free cognitive assessment provided by Dr. Dale Bredesen and Apollo Health and enrolling in the monthly ReCODE Program. Find out if ReCODE is right for you by taking your assessment today.

As with any dietary supplement, do not take ReCODE Supplements without first consulting your healthcare practitioner, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, or are under medical supervision for any reason.

Find your team today by enrolling in the monthly ReCODE program and getting access to thousands of practitioners nationwide.

Yes, Daily Essentials, Daily Balance, and each of the six products developed to address specific subtypes identified by the ReCODE report have been designed to be safe and effective when consumed daily. They have also been synergistically formulated—which means the ingredients are designed to amplify the effectiveness and potency of other ingredients within the same product family. Note: Always refer to the label for suggested use.

As with any dietary supplement, do not take ReCODE supplements without first consulting your healthcare practitioner, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, or are under medical supervision for any reason. Find your team today! Find a ReCODE Trained Practitioner near you.

Dr. Bredesen’s decades of research led him to understand the key role that certain ingredients play in supporting normal cognitive function. He collaborated with LifeSeasons to develop the ReCODE formulas with the most valuable ingredients for everyday use.  

Product Questions

Both of the Daily Balance formulas suggest that you pour one stick pack into 8 oz of water and stir well. Morning Balance can be taken in the morning with coffee, applesauce, yogurt, or a meal. Fruit juice is not recommended on the Bredesen Protocol due to the concentrated sugar content. Evening Balance should be taken one hour prior to bed. The Bredesen Protocol recommends not eating within three hours of bedtime, so Evening Balance should only be taken with water.

Daily Essentials can all be taken with breakfast, and even along with Daily Morning Balance. You may choose to divide the Daily Essentials pills and take them with breakfast and lunch as well. It’s important to take Daily Essentials with food. Some nutrients can be stimulating, and it is recommended not to take it in the evening. Feel free to personalize the timing to best address your needs.

L-Citrulline is a potent nitric oxide booster. However, the volume of L-Citrulline needed to get the desired effect is extremely high, so we’ve worked with Dr. Bredesen to identify and secure similar or superior ingredients. Alternative nitric oxide boosters, including beetroot, ginger, and vitamin C, were added to the formulations to achieve the same or better results.

Both ubiquinone and ubiquinol are effective isomers of Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) supplementation. Hundreds of scientific studies have shown that ubiquinone promotes energy production and neutralizes free radicals.

A number of health benefits have been attributed to medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, and Dr. Bredesen is a proponent of it. However, when he worked with our product formulators, they determined potassium caprylate would be a better ingredient to use in the ReCODE supplements. Potassium caprylate is more stable, and a higher-density form of MCT than MCT oil.

Although Dr. Bredesen has recommended Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus brevis and Bifidobacterium lactis in the past, he and our product formulators chose to use Lactobacillus helveticus, Bifidobacterium bifidum, and Bifidobacterium breve instead. These three probiotic strains provide similar or superior gut health benefits and have consistently proven to have a stronger stability profile. Shelf-stable ingredients help to protect the potency and integrity of the ReCODE supplements.

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