What can we help you find?
What can we help you find?

Type 4 Vascular

  • Provides nourishing antioxidants for brain health support.*
  • Improve learning and memory through healthy blood circulation.*
  • Supports vascular system health.*

Because of high demand and the time required to source our quality ingredients, please expect a 2 week delay on delivery of your core kit.

Because of high demand and the time required to source our quality ingredients, please expect a 2 week delay on delivery of Type 1 Inflammatory.

How It Works

ReCODE Protocol Type 4 Vascular has been designed to provide support for individuals on the Bredesen Protocol who have been identified as Type 4 Vascular on the ReCODE Report.*

ReCODE Protocol Type 4 Vascular has been specially formulated to help promote healthy cognition and memory by providing nourishing antioxidants, which can neutralize free radicals. A healthy blood flow can then envigorate various parts of the body, including the heart, the eyes, the kidneys, and of course, the brain.*

You may need Type 4 Vascular if you are experiencing decreased circulation, feeling tired all the time, or having discomfort in the arms or legs. You might also be experiencing feelings of heaviness in the legs or skin discoloration.*

The vascular system is an intricate web of veins and arteries that carry blood and lymph fluid throughout the body. Over time, the integrity of blood vessels can become clogged and weakened. Free radicals are naturally occurring cellular waste that can cause cell and tissue damage in the body. They also cause oxidative stress and impact how effective oxygen-rich blood flows throughout the body.

Everyone is different, and results will vary from person to person. The key is to maintain consistent use every day to see the best results.

Supports Healthy Brain Function*

Vitamin A
Among many benefits to the heart, lungs, kidney, eyes, and the immune system, vitamin A has also been shown to be a potent signaling molecule in the brain. It helps neurons communicate to one another better, which may enhance learning and memory.*

Ginkgo biloba
A tree native to China, research shows Ginkgo biloba improves cognitive function by promoting normal blood circulation in the brain and protecting against neuronal damage with powerful antioxidants.*

Provides Antioxidants for Healthy Eyes*

This plant has been traditionally used to treat allergy symptoms, including irritated eyes. It has been shown to support a healthy inflammatory response, normal blood glucose levels, and have antioxidant properties.*

Mirtoselect® Bilberry
Mirtoselect®, a bilberry extract with a 36%-anthocyanin content, is the most studied bilberry extract on the market. It supports a healthy inflammation response and improves retinal health by stimulating oxygen and blood delivery to the eye and brain.*

Lutein, Zeaxanthin, and Lycopene are carotenoids that can all be found in plants as well as human eye tissue. They each have been shown to support eye health, provide nutrients, and have antioxidant properties that stimulate blood flow.*

Stimulates a Healthy Blood Flow*

An essential mineral that has been traditionally used to support blood glucose levels and improve the body’s response to insulin. However, this mineral has also been shown to relieve fluid pressure on the eye by encouraging blood flow.*

Beet Root Juice Powder
This plentiful source of vitamins may support blood glucose levels, but also improves nitric oxide in the body and increases circulation. Increased circulation means a steady flow of oxygen delivery to the brain.*

How to Take

2 Capsules

With or Without Food



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